1) I did not assume your gender. Your and position held are listed here, so I looked you up. If the several bios I read about you, written by you, before replying, which did not reference you being trans in any way, were insufficient then I sincerely apologize for that.

2) You have misinterpreted my argument. My argument is that cis people can never understand us, but must attempt to empathize as best as they can regardless.

3) Dialogue is fine. Telling trans people that we “should” be advocating for or coping with our oppression differently for cis comfort is not.

4) Again, you seem to be missing the crucial nuances here. Speaking about trans issues is not the same as defining the trans experience for us, or dictating an appropriate way to advocate for ourselves.



I am a disabled trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.

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