Being Trans is a Fundamentally Unrelatable Experience to Cis People — That’s What Makes Them Cis

Image Courtesy of Cade Hildreth

Negativity around masculine traits legitimized my worst fears.

A trans flag pattern with superimposed text that reads, “TRANS MEN ARE MEN.”
Image Courtesy of Boston Pride.

Queer struggles are not rooted firmly in the past

Image Courtesy of MarketWatch

Those with even a tangential knowledge of the queer community are likely aware of the current discourse surrounding the future of Pride as an event.

Image courtesy of University of California Davis.

Image courtesy of Out In Jersey.

Of greatest urgency currently is FL S1028, which has currently PASSED both the state house and senate, and only awaits a signature from the Governor.

Nonbinary identity isn’t a fad, isn’t new, isn’t anti-Christian

A painting of the Public Universal Friend, shown wearing traditional male minister’s robes and with a male haircut. Image courtesy of the Yates County History Center.

Alexander Petrovnia

I am a disabled binary trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.

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