I am glad you enjoyed the post. I would caution you, however, to draw parallels to racism.

I agree that the trans experience has much less in common with the experience of marginalized sexualities than many LGB+ people think. However, as a white person, I cannot possibly understand the experience of being a person of color, just as cis people cannot understand the experience of being trans. And just as it is inappropriate for cis people to use the trans experience as a comparison when they do not understand it, it is inappropriate for white people to use a comparison of racism that they cannot understand.

The solidarity between marginalized communities is wonderful, absolutely, but comparison is not necessary. Due to this, white (cis) men are often a threat simply because they likely do not belong to a marginalized community or have access to that solidarity.

Another note, there is no such thing as, "presenting as trans".



I am a disabled trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.

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