TERF is not a slur.

“TERF is a slur” is from such a place of privilege. TERF is a term that community chose for itself originally (unlike actual slurs, which can be reclaimed, but start as violent terms). It stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”. This “slur” is beyond forgiving of the viewpoint it describes. To be clear; TERFs are not radical. They are not feminists. The term they claim is a “slur” is literally misleadingly positive about them and their views. Anyone who thinks TERF is a slur… has probably never actually been the recipient of a slur. TERF isn’t a slur in the same way “misogynist” isn’t a slur. It’s descriptive of a bigoted set of beliefs and actions. If the descriptive word of a philosophy is said with anger, that doesn’t mean it’s a slur, it means your philosophy is oppressive.