There Aren’t More Trans People Now; We’re Just More Noticeable When We’re Alive


The reason it seems like there are more trans people than there used to be is because the world has decided to be kinder to us. Fewer of us die young. Fewer of us are ostracized to the fringes of society where cis people would never have heard of us as anything but a curiosity. Fewer of us are forced to stay closeted forever for our own safety. I say “fewer”, because there are still so many trans people for who this is far from reality. I am one of the incredibly lucky few who is able to share my experience so openly. I won’t let you forget my siblings. As things progress, if society continues to choose to be kinder to trans people, expect to see more and more of us. It is not a “trend”. Every person you see coming out is another person who would have suffered in silence in another time or place. And for trans people reading this who are adults, of any age; it’s not too late. I’m sorry the world is so far behind in welcoming you. The world has been missing something with a false version of you in it, and you deserve to live in it. I love you. Cis people; sharing this information. and educating other cis people about what you’ve learned here makes the world a kinder place for trans people. Please help allow us to be.


I am a disabled binary trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.