Your ignorance about this issue is pitiful and on full display in this response.

I am not a trans woman. I am a trans man. I was assigned female at birth. You are, ironically correct that no matter what I do to myself, I will always be a man, and I was born a man.

The argument that trans women have no right to speak on feminist issues is a bold assertion to make, as a cis man speaking on trans issues AND feminism in this post.

Who gets to discuss feminism? I was raised, treated and perceived as a girl and a woman for 23 years. By your own metrics, this gives me much more license to speak on feminism than you. And I use this voice to continue to tell you, and others, that trans rights are inexorably tied to feminism, and trans women deserve to be includes in feminist conversations.

Since I have begun my medical transition, a bit less than a year ago, my psychiatric problems have reduced exponentially. I have reduced the medication I have needed to take for anxiety and depression. Even my conservative parents, who held similar opinions as you express here a year ago, have seen the positive effects my transition has had, and acknowledged that I was right.

No psychiatrist told me I should transition. Several psychiatrists attempted to talk me out of it.

To all those reading this reply and my response, please know that there are those out there who love you unconditionally, not based on your conformity to their expectations of what allows you to deserve their love. You deserve to be loved for you, not for those who would rather you be miserable than personally suffer even the slightest discomfort from watching you transition.

I am a disabled binary trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.

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